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RX Food Program

South Monterey County, including Soledad, has been identified as one of the hardest hit communities with food insecurity. This means that our community does not have access to a sufficient amount of affordable, nutritious food. Along with food insecurity, families in our community also suffer from underlying health conditions such as hypertension, fatty liver, obesity, and diabetes.

Central California Alliance for Health offers grant opportunities for health care providers who support innovative partnerships with community-based organizations with the goal of decreasing food insecurity. Given our fight against underlying health conditions and food insecurity within our communities, we were privileged to receive this grant.  

Receiving this grant allowed us to partner with Aggrigator Inc. to help meet the needs of our patients. This partnership is threefold: with Aggrigator's help, we will be providing our patients with healthy and nutritious food boxes that can be delivered to their door, our dietician, Julia Snell, will meet with patients to provide knowledge and skills for a healthy diet, and ensuring that patients are able to connect with community resources such as CalFresh and WIC to have a long-term positive impact on their food security. 

Contact us or book an appointment today to see if you qualify for the RX Food Program. 

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