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Soledad Medical Clinic provides a full range of medical services including family practice medicine, podiatry, and gynecology. We offer a broad range of services performed by highly trained, locally grown care providers and dedicated, hard-working staff.

May contain: building, housing, hotel, villa, house, and resort

Family Medicine

  • Pediatrics, Adult Medicine and Seniors




Occupational/Work-Related Medicine

Prenatal and OB-GYN Care

Podiatry Specialist


  • Blood Draw

Free Breast Exams (Must qualify for CDP)

CPSP (Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program)

CHDP (Child Health & Disability Prevention Program)

Diabetes Support & Prevention

May contain: plant, fruit, and food
  • Patient-centered and goal-oriented nutrition education
  • Family-centered supportive education for pediatric
  • Recipes to support healthy culturally relevant meals
  • A one-hour initial session and 30-minute follow‐up care
    with schedule depending on patient need
  • Diabetes self-management training- group and individual sessions
  • Food Smarts Program- for children and adults
    and recipes to their home or email
  • Diabetes eye screening
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
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